Thursday, February 19, 2015

Arrow: "Nanda Parbat" Extended promo and Season 3 Behind-The Scenes pics

Following a successful 60th episode that saw the return of Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke and more revelations and storylines coming full circle, The CW has released a brand new extended promo for next week's episode of the third season of "Arrow", which is entitled "Nanda Parbat" and sees the stakes escalate for Oliver Queen, Malcolm Merlyn, and more as they face Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assassins... Not to mention Brandon Routh/ Ray Palmer finally suiting up as The Atom!

Arrow - Nanda Parbat Trailer

Also through the Facebook page of Oliver Queen/ Arrow actor Stephen Amell himself, some behind-the-scenes shots were shared by

Here's Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie Amell... Dressed as The Arrow and Firestorm respectively! Could a team-up be in the works soon? We'll see down the line!

Then here's Team Arrow in Arrow, Black Canary, and Arsenal, with Stephen putting the line "Capturing some things for the very last time tonight". What it means is anyone's guess!

Catch Arrow every Wednesdays at The CW! The show will be going on spring break after next week's episode, and shall return on mid-March!

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