Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Report: Roster for TNT Teen Titans live-action show revealed!

DC Comics fans and viewers of live action television series who are looking forward to Warner Bros. and TNT's upcoming adaptation of the "Teen Titans" are going to be in for quite the surprise, as an exclusive report from The Nerdist has just gotten the scoop on which characters will actually make up the roster for the young team of superheroes mostly composed of sidekicks and proteges of members of the Justice League... And it's an incarnation of the team that's unique and has never been featured in the comics either!

According to the report which gets its notes from a  pilot script, from a the series will focus on a roster led by Dick Grayson, who will start off as Robin before transitioning into the role of Nightwing! Also joining him are Titans' veterans in Starfire and Raven, who have also served alongside the first Boy Wonder in the animated shows "Teen Titans" and "Teen Titans Go"! The duo of Hawk and Dove, who were Titans in the comics, will be based off the pair of Hank Hall and Dawn Granger. Finally, the latest and most interesting addition to the team will be none other than a wheelchair bound Barbara Gordon - aka a paralyzed Batgirl who now acts as the team's computer expert - known to comic book fans as Oracle! Barbara/ Oracle is mostly associated with the Birds of Prey in the comics, so her presence in a live-action Teen Titans show is a first for any of her incarnations.

So no Cyborg, Beast Boy, or other familiar veteran Titans... Yet Oracle joins the fray and will most likely add romantic tension between her, Nightwing, and Starfire! Things may change down the line if this is just the first pilot script, so stay tuned for more developments as the build up to a Teen Titans show continues!

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