Monday, February 16, 2015

Gotham: The Blind Fortune Teller promo; Hayley's Circus teased; Young Bruce Wayne w/ Wayne Enterprises pic

Escalating the growth of the city that will be home to one Dark Knight and its criminal element, FOX and DC Entertainment have released some new teases for this week's upcoming episode of Gotham called "The Blind Fortune Teller" - which promises to bring a certain "Clown Prince Of Crime" into the scene before the end of the series' first season.

Above is an image of young Bruce Wayne (played by David Mazouz), who enters the meeting room of Wayne Enterprises in the episode.

Plus, a look at the The Flying Graysons in a motion poster from the official Gotham Facebook page.

Then finally... A Promo for The "Blind Fortune Teller" teasing things to come that isn't a joke at all...

GOTHAM | Preview: "The Blind Fortune Teller" Tonight

Gotham airs on FOX every Monday.

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