Sunday, April 24, 2016

Warcraft: The Movie: BTS Video, New Trailer, and first Draka poster released

Hitting theaters in the next month overseas and in the US this June, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures are going to big to life on the big screen the fabled realm of Azeroth as chronicled in Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft games, as the live action "Warcraft" film has a brand new trailer and featurette to its name that will surely entertain and make fans of the lore excited for the film adaptation to come. As seen in Superherohype and this weekend's PAX East convention, Director Duncan Jones released a new character poster for the film featuring the female Orc Draka, as played by Anna Galvin.

Here's the brand new trailer that was released just a few days ago.


And here's the new BTS Featurette that goes on tour of "The Lion's Pride Inn".

Warcraft Movie The Lion’s Pride Inn Featurette

Warcraft opens in theaters internationally on May 25 and June 10 in the US.

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