Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Street Fighter V: First screenshots of Guile revealed!

As April marches forward and past its mid-mark, Capcom has quite the patriotic surprise that comes just in time as fans look forward to the release of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - The Army Man and Sonic Hurricane himself has returned with a mighty SONIC BOOM, as Col. William Guile stands revealed as the official second DLC character for Street Fighter V!

While ol' broom top hasn't changed much, he does have a new uniform that sees him sport shades, a tie, and more formal army wear... But the ARMS and Flag tattoos remain as does his movelist of "Sonic Boom" and the "Flash Kick"! Plus it seems Capcom's going to revisit the Family Man's iconic stage from Street Fighter II, so this is going to play on those SF nostalgia feels so well! One has to wonder how Guile's going to react to the returning Charlie Nash in story mode... We'll just have to wait and see.

Also, special Happy Birthday shoutout to M.Bison (Vega in Japan), who celebrated his fictional birthday on April 17!

Check out more screenshots of Guile at the Street Fighter V Facebook page... And listen to his theme that goes with everything too.

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