Friday, June 3, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray trailer and cover art released

Despite the mixed reviews and opinions surrounding the film after its theatrical release last March, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are set to release an "Ultimate Edition" home video release of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", which will feature over 30 minutes of brand new footage for the superhero film that sees the Man of Steel clashing with the Dark Knight and the world witnessing the emergence of powerful beings among us.

Time to run at 182 minutes, the Ultimate Edition will feature scenes and sequences that were cut from the original release, such as actress Jena Malone's character (seen above) having a conversation with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and playing a part in this film that's still a mystery (though a lot speculating towards Oracle/ Barbara Gordon).

Via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, here is the debut of the new trailer (as seen in CBM and Collider).

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Trailer

Take home the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when it hits digital on June 28th and Blu-Ray on July 19!

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