Friday, June 17, 2016

"Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy" revealed by Marvel

Marvel has been teasing something BIG happening in the pages of "The Amazing Spider-Man", with mysterious banner posters hinting at someone or something being "Dead No More" and having something to do with the mysterious man in a red suit who has systematically been gathering many of the wallcrawler's foes to his side. Now, the curtain is pulled by EW, and it can now be revealed that The Jackal has returned to haunt Peter Parker by unleashing a new wave of clone madness, with a major story event happening this October called "Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy"

For those that remember the 90's, the much controversial "Clone Saga" was the event responsible for introducing many of Spider-Man's doubles - including his "brothers" Ben Reilly/ Scarlet Spider and Kaine/ Scarlet Spider II. The Clone Conspiracy will be a stand alone five-issue series, as well as a build-up to the event with Amazing Spider-Man #16-18 followed by a major story arc tie-in in Amazing Spider-Man #19-23 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. For more information, visit Entertainment Weekly for details.

Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy begins this October.

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