Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Marvel reveals the answer behind that Captain America plot twist w/ Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 *SPOILERS*

Looks like the cat is out of the bag, as Marvel FINALLY reveals the truth behind the sudden change in status quo Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, when the recently returned and restored Star Spangled Avenger showed he was an Agent of HYDRA in his new ongoing series "Captain America: Steve Rogers". Needless to say, that last page caused a lot of controversy and divided opinions - with the issue selling out and a second printing coming out as a result.

With the release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 this week the answer to why Steve changed has finally been revealed c/o Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso... And naturally it's SPOILERS for those looking to pic up the issue this week.

So what caused the turn to the dark side for Cap, aka saying "Hail Hydra"? According to Alonso in an interview with Comic, it's his memories being altered after Rogers was restored to youth by Kobik - the sentient Cosmic Cube taking the form of a little girl. Naturally, those events were orchestrated by none other than Cap's eternal nemesis The Red Skull, who was also at Pleasantville controlling things behind the scenes.

Now that the facts are out and the record is set straight, people can rest easy - Cap's not a traitor and is being manipulated. Nick Spencer is certainly taking Cap fans for a ride... So be there to see how it ends.

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