Saturday, October 29, 2016

DC Rebirth: Full "Justice League of America" line up revealed; Batman, Black Canary, and Lobo join the team

In what will certainly turn the tables in the "Rebirth" era of the DC Universe come February next year, DC Comics has revealed the Ivan Reis drawn cover to "Justice League of America #1" - the new team book that will run alongside the main Justice League title and features a new line-up that features Vixen, The Ray, The Atom (Ryan Choi), Killer Frost, and now the newly revealed three additional members in Black Canary, a classic looking Lobo, and Batman.

According to IGN (And reported by Comic as well), The Dark Knight will be pulling double duty in this line-up that's gathered together to protect the US. Batman's decision to run with this team will be due to the events that transpire in the upcoming crossover story "Justice League vs Suicide Squad", and what happens as a result of the group's formation is anyone's guess.

Justice League of America starts February and will be part of DC Rebirth's second wave of books in 2017

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