Monday, October 17, 2016

Red Dead Redemption 2? Rockstar teases with new images... One that's Maginificent 7 like too!

In what will certainly get the blood pumping for Red Dead Redemption fans even more, Rockstar has started rolling out teaser images for what could likely be THE NEW SEQUEL that's being called "Red Dead Redemption 2" by fans, but it could be titled as something else in the end. Much like how Redemption was a spiritual successor to the PS2 title "Red Dead Revolver" (which was recently rereleased in the PS2 classics line for PS4), this pretty much confirms that "something" is in the works... And is constantly being updated in Rockstar Games' Twitter page and gaming sites like Kotaku.


From the latest image above, it's looking like they might just go "The Magnificent Seven" route, and that itself got a remake of a film a couple of weeks back starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt! That film FELT like a Red Dead Redemption movie come to life, so if the sequel takes that route imagine what could go down later on... The possibilities!

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