Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Supergirl: Last Children of Krypton poster evokes Crisis on Infinite Earths #7

Set to air tonight and already looking as epic as the cover that inspired the one sheet itself, The CW has released a brand new promotional poster via their Facebook page for "Supergirl" that sees Melissa Benoist's Girl of Steel unconscious and being held by her own cousin Superman (played by Tyler Hoeclin) - who comes to her rescue after she is injured from a kryptonite powered villain.

The poster of course takes inspiration from the cover to "Crisis on Infinite Earths #7" - which sees Superman carrying and mourning the fallen body of Supergirl after she sacrifices her life to try and stop the Anti-Monitor. That storyline of course isn't happening in the TV Series, but to see The CW pay homage to that bit of comic history is a nice touch. In fact, the network has released a few clips for the upcoming episode like this one below

Supergirl | The Last Children of Krypton Scene 1

Supergirl airs every Monday in The CW!

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