Friday, January 13, 2017

DC Comics announces "The Button" event for DC Rebirth

Looks like one of the bug mysteries of "DC Rebirth" may finally be answered starting the first quarter of 2017, as Newsarama breaks the news on DC Comics officially announcing one of their big events of the year in "The Button"  - a 4 part storyline the crosses over "Batman" and "The Flash", with The Dark Knight and Scarlet Speedster teaming up to find out the nature of the bloodstained smiling face button - which Watchmen fans will know well as the item present during the murder of The Comedian.

With questions still looming over the horizon on the DC Universe as to how this plays into Rebirth and how Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandias are involved, "The Button" will run through issues 21 and 22 of "Batman" and "The Flash" respectively, and special lenticular covers drawn by artist Jason Fabok will also be available at $3.99. The storyline begins on April 19, so don't miss it if you've been DC Rebirth since the start.

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