Friday, January 6, 2017

Marvel releases "Hail Hydra" launch trailer for Captain America: Steve Rogers

2016 has certainly left a lot of shockers and unexpected things in its wake... And one of those in the popculture and comic scene was the big switcheroo that happened in the pages of the new series "Captain America: Steve Rogers" - which puts the newly restored Steve Rogers back in the uniform and wielding a new shield, but also with the revelation that he is an agent of Hydra. Anyone who follows the Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz series knows that this was due to the machinations of the Red Skull - who manipulated the sentient Cosmic Cube entity known as Kobik to restore Rogers but also implant new memories of his past being laced with a history of being raised by the evil organization he fought since World War II.

Hail Hydra! Presenting a Special Launch Trailer For CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS!

Now Marvel has released a new trailer to promote the new storyline "Hail Hydra" starting with issue #7 and #8 - which brings readers and followers of the series up to speed and also teasing what the future may bring for Cap as he puts his own plans in motion.

Captain America: Steve Rogers is currently ongoing and published by Marvel Comics.

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