Saturday, January 7, 2017

Marvel announces "Secret Empire" event for 2017 featuring Captain America

After recently releasing a trailer that detailed the new Hydra status quo of one reinvigorated yet tainted Steve Rogers, Marvel Comics has released an image of what appears to be their next big event storyline called "Secret Empire" - which puts Captain America in the middle of things as in the current "Captain America: Steve Rogers" comic book - he is an Agent of HYDRA who is manipulating things from behind the scenes and is working to a big endgame. Reported by Bleeding Cool, it's still up in the air as to how this event will play out in the bigger Marvel Universe, but as CBR points out the term "Secret Empire" also harkens to a division of HYDRA that has existed in stories before... And this new division could be Hydra Cap's own brainchild to put his plans in motion.

No release date has been given for Secret Empire, but expect it sometime in 2017 for sure.

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