Monday, April 17, 2017

Dark Nights: Metal will be Six Issues and starts this August

Revealed earlier this month during a special DC Rebirth panel that was livestreamed from Fan Expo Dallas, Batman writer Scott Snyder has revealed more details about "Dark Nights: Metal" - his BIG DC Comics event project reuniting him with artist Greg Capullo that features the Dark Knight and the rest of the DC Universe in a situation where Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Green Arrow have parts to play besides the Bat and his extended BatFamily.

As detailed in Newsarama, Metal will be six issues and self-contained - done by just him and Capullo.

"Metal is literally me and creators who are like family to me trying to celebrate the DCU in brand new off the wall ways with you guys. And to be super clear. Metal is a DC wide event. Next promo is Wonder Woman, then Superman. It's not a bat family book. It's Justice League+," tweeted Snyder. "Bat family plays a role, as goes Green Arrow, as do Teen Titans, as does Mera, and so on. This is me and brother Greg playing [with] all the toys"

Dark Nights: Metal begins on August 2017.

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