Sunday, April 23, 2017

Marvel announced "Marvel Legacy" at C2E2 2017

In what certainly comes as no surprise to those who have been following comics as of late, Marvel has announced a new initiative during their "Marvel's Next Big Thing" panel at C2E2 at Chicago called "Marvel Legacy" - where the publisher aims to "embrace their roots and move enthusiastically forward" by reverting classic elements back to the way they were - such as the old numbering system of their popular titles.

In a report by Newsarama, the House of Ideas will follow a similar route as their new "Venom" series where Eddie Brock has reunited with his "other" and the numbering reverted to #150 beginning with May's issue. It's also no surprise that it comes after the success of DC Comics' "Rebirth" movement launched a year ago, where legacy was the push in bringing back the popular history that DC characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman shared prior to 2011's "New 52" reboot. Marvel will also be reviving the "Marvel Value Stamp", FOOM Magazine, and corner box art on covers similar to what's being done on the new X-Men titles, and it's a safe bet that the long missing "Fantastic Four" will return with this event.

Marvel Legacy will begin on Fall 2017 with a 50-page one-shot issue by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. No release date or other details have been revealed so far.

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