Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite coming this September

Finally giving fans more information about the story as well as the long awaited release date of the newest installment in their crossover "VS" series, Marvel and Capcom have officially announced that "Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite" is coming out this September for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC! There will be an Arcade, Versus, Training, Mission, and most importantly Story Mode as revealed by Capcom-Unity, with the final boss of the game being a union between Avengers' villain Ultron and Megaman X enemy Sigma - Ultron Sigma!

Check out the first Story Trailer for the game released by Capcom themselves. Familiar faces from both universes appear in addition to the debut of Ultron Sigma.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - Story Trailer 1

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite will be released on September 19.

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