Monday, May 31, 2010

Comic Book Review: Secret Avengers

I''ll spare the introductions and get right down to the review. Why? This book is DAMN good, and it's worth checking out! If you thought Avengers #1 made an impression, think again!

Secret Avengers #1
Written By: Ed Brubaker
Illustrated By: Mike Deodato

The Heroic Age has begun, and with it comes a lot of changes for the Avengers.

Steve Rogers is the new top cop of the world, giving him the authority to do what he wants and whatever he wants for the betterment of mankind. In assuming his new office under the mandate of the US President, the Superhuman Registration Act has been abolished permanently, giving the heroes of the world a reprieve and the freedom to do what they do best without the government hounding their backs - saving lives. Rogers has even officially reformed the Avengers, and under his watch, the world is now in safer hands.

That, however, is only one of many steps the former Captain America has taken to ensure public safety. In the wake of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign and seeing the horrors unleashed by villains right under their noses, Captain Steve Rogers has decided to organize a "Secret Avengers" group to work behind the scenes and prevent disasters from happening. Selecting some of the best and unlikeliest heroes to join his shadow ops team, their first mission together draws them to a mystery that will test their abilities thoroughly and lead to a confrontation with an unlikely enemy they could never have guessed coming.

Steve Rogers. War Machine. Beast. Moon Knight. Nova. Valkyrie. Black Widow. Ant-Man. Sharon Carter

With a bad-ass team like that working undercover, who says the new "Public Avengers" are the most powerful force ever assembled? I think that's highly debatable, and even before they respond to certain threats around the globe, this team may get the job done ahead of them and all that'll be left is the clean up work. I say, this is a brilliant concept from Marvel, and despite my reservations at first to resume collecting multiple Avengers titles, this one in particular drew me back since it's Ed Brubaker handling the writing duties here. The guy responsible for making Captain America such an awesome series is right at his element here, with espionage, intrigue,. and stealth games making this book so compelling to read. Also, he's paired with talented artist Mike Deodato, whose pencils fit well here just as it did in Dark Avengers. Everything about this book shoots awesome and epic all over, and it would take a stubborn man to realize that this is a sleeper hit.

Forget about silly notions that Steve Rogers isn't Captain America now. He's in his element here, and it's fun to see how he works outside the uniform and shield. He's selected people, some veterans of the original and West Coast Avengers team, while others are newbies and fresh faces who have been given the opportunity to redeem and prove themselves for the sake of mankind. I like the roster here, and unlike Bendis' work on the other Avengers titles. Brubaker makes this one more fun by adding sweet flowing dialogue that's neither too wordy nor too wacky to understand. The story itself feels dark and complex ala Wildcats, and that's a great change to the usual Avengers dynamic we're all used to seeing - running and charging to beat the bad guys and saving the day. You know things aren't going to be simple when it involves spy work, and those worries are justified when a mystery forces the team to go interplanetary... with a pretty suprising threat looming behind them, as the last page of the first issue can attest.

If this book is all about stealth tactics and preemptive measures the heroes take to ensure that they're one step ahead of evil, it'll be interesting to see how things will turn out as the series moves forward. How exactly will these "Secret Avengers" fare in their first mission? Hard to say, and that's how I like it. Everything here, from story to presentation, makes Secret Avengers a class A bookl that's best left witnessing with your own eyes. If you thought you knew what makes the Avengers "Avengers", think again! Check this one out!

Rating - 10/10

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