Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Marvel "Fear" Teaser Poster and A Big Announcement Coming Later!

Here it is... The last "Fear" poster released by Marvel Comics! The tagline, begging the question "Do You Fear... The Legacy You'll Leave Behind?", shows a squadron of Iron Men charging to battle, with the giant mugshot of Iron Man looming on the background. Obviously, this is interpreted as the legacy of Tony Stark and Iron Man falling into the hands of God knows who... and his technology gets replicated to become another weapon for the highest bidder. Whether this and the rest of the teasers becoming a reality or not is still not for certain, but Marvel is holding a press conference soon to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on what this new project for April 2011 really is. Right now, stay tuned for more updates, and check out more details via the source post over at comic blogsite Newsarama!

On a side note, Marvel's own editor Joe Quesada just posted a link of this drawing on his Twitter, showing a nifty colored sketch of Ol' Shellhead in action, which is part of a cover to be revealed on said press conference! What could it be? We'll just have to wait and see!

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