Thursday, December 16, 2010

Marvel Teases Images That Promote Fear...

For the past few days, Marvel has been releasing a series of images that tease big changes, dire consequences, and/ or catastrophic events that MAY or MAY NOT happen this April in the Marvel Universe. Comic blogsite Newsarama has also featured these in their recent posts.

The latest image, showcasing Steve Rogers clothed in his old Captain America uniform, shows him battle-damaged and despondent, as he kneels before his once indestructible and now broken shield.

A loss of faith for Cap? It won't be the first time for the super soldier, but what prompts it will be interesting to see if it happens...

A previous image promoted a possible X-event. Cyclops is clad in Magneto's uniform, and this is not too far from how the leader of the X-men has acted over the past couple of X-stories. Will he become something more... sinister? We'll just have to see if April leads him to the path of the dark side...

Finally, the first image released of this series shows Spider-Man witnessing several social issues plaguing the world as it. How the hero confronts it is a problem he has to tackle a day at a time... but can his determination carry on as it becomes serious each day?

More images are still expected to be released by Marvel. For more info, visit and Newsarama!

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