Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Marvel "Fear" Teasers Pop In...

Before Xmas week ushers in, here are some updates on Marvel's "Fear" poster campaign that teases some big things to come this April 2011.
Last Thursday, this poster came in showing a regretful Hulk kneeling before a wrecked battlefield filled with the mangled bodies of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers. The tagline reads "Do You Fear... Losing Control?", and seeing how unstable and unpredictable Bruce Banner's alter ego can be, you never know if this outcome is a plausible one in the coming months ahead.
This latest poster, showing Thor at the mercy of his own father Odin, was released last Friday and has the tagline question "Do You Fear... Family Secrets?" written on it. How this plays on the God Of Thunder's latest adventures is beyond me, but it could spell foreshadow the return of ol' one-eye Odin himself, who chose not to be reincarnated along with the rest of Asgard after modern times. We'll just have to see if this also means there's dirty laundry amiss in the House of Odin.

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