Friday, December 31, 2010

Remembering Great Things About 2010!

Soon, 2010 will be over! There's so much to remember this year for... and I can only name a handful! These are just some of the highlights of Popculture fun and style I can remember that gave me quite a kick this year... and I'm hoping to get more excitement in the year to come as well! Here's the list, and I do hope you guys enjoy it!


THE BEST NEW COMIC BOOK SERIES FOR 2010. After the startling changes made since Bruce Wayne's return, The Dark Knight's crusade against crime just went global... and he's building an army to help him out~! Technically, it picks up where Batman and Robin left off, and still has the main architect and writer of the series, Grant Morrison on board! It's still on the early stages, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, and the fact that there are TWO main Batmen made this such an appealing year for Bat fans! 2011 watch out!


DEFINITELY THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR FOR ME. There are other strong contenders like "The Social Network" and "The Fighter", but this really did me in for 2010, and it has become so memorable that I have invested in so much stuff related to this film, including merchandise and the awesome musical score by composer Hans Zimmer. Director Christopher Nolan has really crafted a masterpiece that will be remembered for all time, and I can't believe the all star cast he assembled for this movie. Wild and roaring performances by Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, and Ellen Page just add so much flare here, and I can't believe we were all taken for a ride inside what is truly the dream movie of 2010.

TV Series: The Walking Dead

BEST TV SERIES OF 2010... WITH ZOMBIES! I was literally salivating over this show when it was first announced, and when it premiered on Halloween this year, boy did it deliver big time! Robert Kirkman's seminal work of the undead has graced television with flying colors, and even with its short six episode run, its success has inspired the powers that be and AMC to green light a second season due next year! Bear in mind, anyone who enjoys zombies will enjoy this tale of desperate human survival in an undead world, and it's developed by legendary film director Frank Darabont to boot! A true must see!


LAST SONG SYNDROME MUSIC OF 2010. It will continue beyond, I'm sure, and the beat is quite catchy. I hear this piece of urban flavor almost everywhere I go, and it's sure to make a buzz come the celebration tonight and more after that! Awesome is the word! Yeah Man!

Games: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Most enjoyable game of 2010. Nothing has kept me going back to my Playstation Portable every chance I got this year other than this game, and it's a pity that I've already finished it! True, there's replay value and plenty of CO-OPs to play with friends, but the novelty has surely worn off at this point, and a lot of us are already expecting the inevitable sequel to be made! It also borrows heavily from the Monster Hunter series, and I hope more collaborations between Konami, Hideo Kojima, and Capcom are made in the future! I look forward to more Snake tales... and hopefully ones that involve multiplayer and being on the go!

Well, there you have it so far on my end... and on a final note, another greeting to come in a bit.XD

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