Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Playstation Portable... Unveiled!

I'm currently tuning in for updates, but there it is... the NEW Playstation Portable unveiled at Sony's Press Conference today! As posted via Kotaku's Live Blog, the "Next Generation Portable" or NGP (aka PSP2) It has two analog sticks, a 4x high resolution screen, six axis controls, front screen is touch, a touch pad at the back, and front and rear cameras! They say it's PS3 quality graphics too, and there's an Uncharted title for it! Sony also announced the "Playstation Suite" for Android and other tablet devices. It's all coming in so fast, and I'm getting the updates in Kotaku as it goes. Stay tuned for more updates! Here's a vid from the show as posted online!

UPDATE: Sony just announced a new User Interface called "Live Area", the NGP connects with mobile networks, and Trophies are officially confirmed for it as well!

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