Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Et Tu, Toyfare?

Another one bites the dust.

After reporting and getting official confirmation that Wizard Magazine will cease publication, it has also been confirmed by a report in Newsarama that the monthly's sister magazine, Toyfare, will also be put to a close. So ends a generation of good stories and updates that center around the world of popculture as a result. While Wizard concentrated on everything and anything about the world of comics, Toyfare had the distinction of focusing solely on toys. Everything from upcoming releases to a photo gallery of collectibles were displayed for the diehard collector to droll on, and there was even a monthly comic strip born out of the publication called "Twisted Toyfare" that became a popular hit with the reader base. For a time, I collected Toyfare with a passion, and it always made me happy to get my dose of toy eye candy with each new issue and unique toy gallery presented. But like Wizard's fate with the advent of the internet, the magazine wasn't so updated with news anymore, and eventually the slow decline became an inevitable closure for the book.

In the wake of the loss of both printed mediums, Wizard World Inc. will launch a new online publication called "Wizard World". How that will debut remains to be seen when it eventually sees the light of day, but let us take a moment to pause and reflect on the demise of two great publications. R.I.P Wizard and Toyfare, and thanks for the memories.

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