Saturday, January 15, 2011

Humor: Shenmue Duck Racing!?

SEGA and Yu Suzuki's epic masterpiece gaming series Shenmue was truly one of the gaming highlight's of my life, and it's a shame that another sequel hasn't been made to complete the story since Shenmue II. Gamers around the world have been campaigning and petitioning endlessly to get their wish to play Shenmue III, but that realization has yet to come, and the focus now for SEGA in relation to the series is the Japan only mobile online game called Shenmue City. Still, fans keep their hopes up and remain nostalgic with the series by replaying it and discovering some of the numerous things protagonist Ryo Hazuki could do in his spare time while searching for his father's killer Lan Di. Here's one that was just posted in Kotaku, and it left me bewildered: There's Duck Racing in Shenmue II?!

There you have it. I've played Lucky Hit, fed a kitten, and beaten bad guys up with martial arts, but I wouldn't have thought Duck Racing would be in Ryo's schedule, lol! Ah Shenmue, how I miss thee!

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