Friday, February 24, 2012

Mark Millar may go to the Philippines for Supercrooks #1 signing

It's breaking news for Mark Millar fans, especially those looking forward to a visit from the man behind The Ultimates and KickAss in their own respective countries.

Via his own website Millarworld and a news scoop in Bleeding Cool, the Scottish born comic book writer has set up a competition wherein he will travel to any location in the world for a signing of his upcoming new book Supercrooks #1... Provided that store orders the most copies of said comic book. Stores in Ireland and New York City are up in the lead for Millar himself to pay a visit. However, the big cheese and top qualifier to get the man himself is a store located right here at home... The Philippines!

That's right, Mark Millar may make the trip to Manila, and things are holding up so far for Filipino fan hopefuls who are looking forward to his potential visit. Bleeding Cool even used an image of just how the comic book store scene looks in the RP above... with a certain fellow blogger friend I know who's actually in the image! For more on the story, check out the source posts at BC and Millar World!

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