Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remembering the "Every Woman": R.I.P Whitney Houston

It saddened me when I heard the unfortunate news that Whitney Houston, one of R&B, Soul, and music's finest talents and legends, had passed away. Her exceptional and beautiful voice was her distinguish trait, and it made her one of the most iconic pop and dance singers of all time. Her time with Bobby Brown literally brought her image down, and she tried to rebound from her past drug problems by separating from her estranged ex-husband and restarting her career. Now, at the eve of the 2012 Grammy Music Awards, a sad shadow has been cast on the night meant for celebrating the music industry, as it has lost one of its remarkable gems for a point in its history.

Surely everyone born and fortunate to experience he fabulous voice has their favorite Whitney Houston song, and I don't blame them if they have multiple ones like I do. From experiencing the peak of her career in music in the 90's, I'll always remember Whitney for the song "I'll Always Love You", which was part of the official soundtrack of The Bodyguard, a film she co-starred in with Kevin Costner. It's probably fitting to play now in a time the world loses one of it's greatest and most gifted individuals.

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

And like the namesake of this article, another favorite of mine was Whitney's rendition of the Chaka Khan classic "I'm Every Woman", which was also featured in the line up of "The Bodyguard" OST"

Whitney Houston- I'm Every Woman

Whether it uplifted you, made you happy or sad, Whitney Houston was a truly remarkable woman. I  truly hope she is in a better place, and lending her voice to the heavens with the same resounding magnitude it had in life. Rest in peace Whitney, and thank you for being

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