Sunday, May 20, 2012

UPDATE: Legendary Action Star Jackie Chan NOT retiring from action movies

UPDATE: The initial reports were clarified by the stunt master himself via Facebook and Den of Geek. Jackie Chan will NOT be retiring from action cinema at all. Check out the source links above for more on the story.

 Here's the original article posted:

Many of you may know him as Drunken Master or the cop Lee from the Rush Hour movies, but regardless of how you've heard of him, Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan is a legend and icon. However, the man known for blending his martial arts prowess with his stuntman training and comedic antics has finally decided to put down the fighting gloves for good, announcing his retirement to the world during the Cannes Film Festival. His last film that he also directed, "Chinese Zodiac", will be the final film where he will be billed as an action star. Chan hopes to work on his acting muscles instead, and the 58-year old actor looks forward to taking it easy and resting well from the action and fighting spotlight.

Here's a look at the trailer his last film as an action star, Chinese Zodiac!

'Chinese Zodiac' Trailer 2012 - Jackie Chan New Movie

Thanks Jackie, and enjoy your well deserved retirement! For more on the story, check out the source post at Bleeding Cool, Daily Mail, and Yahoo!


Borgy said...

Your information is incorrect. This is from Jackie's official Facebook Fan Page:

Get your facts straight.

Timzster said...

@Borgy: Yes, I noticed that and the news has been updated with links to reflect Jackie's personal comments and clarification on the matter. Updates on facts do come and go, and the reports were initially reported from source links I referenced in the original story.

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