Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arrow's Stephen Amell opens his own YouTube channel

Undoubtedly one of the best TV shows and certainly a certified hit with each passing episode of its ongoing second season, The CW's newest superhero TV Series "Arrow" has attracted a lot of followers, thanks to its compelling and rich storytelling centered on the rising tale of Oliver Queen from vigilante to hero in Starling City. This is of course thanks to the awesome acting and skills of its star Stephen Amell, who brings this version of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow to life in the small screen.

And Mr. Amell has quite the following on Facebook as well. So much so that he's garnered almost 900,000 followers and almost reaching the million mark to boot! He's charismatic, action-oriented, and fit to boot, and he likes interacting with his fans a lot... So much so that the man has opened up a YouTube channel... And posted his first "Welcome" vid to tease some big things to come!

What this means is certainly still a mystery, but Arrow fans know that if you follow Stephen closely in Facebook, he interacts and shows off a lot of things related and unrelated to the show that made him a bonafide star. Keep on checking his channel or FB for more details, and thanks goes to for the heads up.

 Arrow shows every Wednesday in The CW.

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