Thursday, February 13, 2014

Batman #28 just hit the "Spoiler Issue" right in the can...

Well... The glimpse into what's coming with April's newest ongoing Batman series with "Batman: Eternal" is finally here, as this week sees the release of Batman #28, written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by the immortal Dustin Nguyen. A one-shot issue, the story takes a break from the current "past arc" storyline that is "Zero Year", and decides to go into the future... Where certain female characters in The Dark Knight's world in The New 52 have become as prominent as prominent can be...

Know who Harper Row becomes... Who else changes following some years after... And a certain character making the debut everyone's been waiting for... All of them SPOILERS, and which can be read at your own risk thanks to Newsarama's source post showcasing what to expect from the very revealing issue that came out this week.

Click the link for some info and reveals... And be warned... It IS a SPOILER ISSUE in every sense of the word.

Batman #28 is now out in comic book stores and retail shops worldwide.

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