Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DC Comics: Spoiler's "New 52" look revealed in cover to Batman Eternal #22

Since it began last April, Batman Eternal has easily become one of the most intriguing if not best collaborations of talents DC Comics has put together to build a weekly ongoing series that focuses on The Dark Knight and his world today. With so much plot arcs and storylines going on, it's a wonder how things will come to a head when all is said and done... And how exactly will the repercussions impact the Caped Crusader's legacy, especially since it's his 75th Anniversary this year.

Of course, one of the main highlights is the reintroduction of Stephanie Brown... Aka The Spoiler, who has been absent from the Batbooks since the beginning of The New 52. With the DC Universe rebooted and her history and slate of being a Robin and Batgirl wiped clean, Steph's back to square one, and after appearing in a special "time skip" sneak peek issue in Batman #28 that gave readers a glimpse into the future of the Batverse, the last page showed Stephanie revealed and captured, with her costume on but sans mask.

Now, thanks to DC's full September Solicitations, we have a FULL LOOK at Steph's new costume as Spoiler, in the cover to Batman Eternal #22!

And while the cover is impressive (and courtesy of CBR and Comic, there'll be more for The Spoiler to do come issue #24, when she faces her own criminal father, The Cluemaster!

Batman Eternal is currently ongoing and is weekly!

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