Thursday, June 19, 2014

Report: Brand new Batman animated feature called "Batman Unlimited"

It's Batman's 75th Anniversary this year, and The Caped Crusader of DC Comics is celebrating his big milestone in many ways. Certainly there are many who have wondered what would pop up in the animated series department, after reports of the current series "Beware The Batman" was literally facing the cancellation line after going on hiatus and just returning to wrap up its last few episodes.

Well, there may be somewhat good news for fans looking forward to more of The Dark Knight on the cartoon format after all, as a new Direct-To-DVD feature called "Batman Unlimited" is now on the cards. According to a report by Legions of Gotham, the new image that was featured in the recent Licensing Show is actually a new film ala JLA Adventures, and features a more colorful Batman that is in line with the recent wave of toys released by Mattel sharing a similar design.

No release date has been given for the feature, but expect announcements to come out sometime soon.

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