Friday, June 20, 2014

Report: Ben Affleck to star in new solo Batman film in 2019

With production of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice underway, it's still relatively far from the cards as to what Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have for their actual plans on the DC Cinematic Universe. Recent reports have surfaced that not only this movie or Justice League are in development, but so are a few other films, which include Wonder Woman, Shazam, and a Green Lantern/ Flash team-up movie, and is rumored to be announced at this coming San Diego Comic-Con this July.

Now, a new report hailing from Latino-Review and posted in sites like Superherohype suggest that a new Batman film is also going to be in the plans, with Ben Affleck set to reprise his role as the brand new Caped Crusader of cinema. The film is said to have the working title of "The Batman", and will have a release date sometime in 2019, 3 years after BvS and when Affleck is introduced opposite Henry Cavill's Superman.

Again, take these reports/ rumors with a grain of salt until real confirmation arrives.

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