Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Blu-Ray/ DVD details and trailer go online

Scehduled to be released just before Season 5 hits and brings the series back to television, AMC and Anchor Bay have released new details as well as descriptions on the special features for the Season 4 DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Walking Dead.

As detailed in a post in Comic Book.com, both mediums will have 5 discs, with the Blu-Ray edition containing some significant extras that fans who need a higher quality version will be getting as incentive. What's more, a new Limited Edition set by Todd McFarlane Productions using the "Tree Walker" as the design will be offered as well, with box art by the legendary comic artist Alex Ross as well. For more information, visit the source post link above.

Also, a brand new trailer promoting the home video release is online.

The Walking Dead Season 4 home video trailer

The Walking Dead Season 4 hits DVD and Blu-Ray on August 26, while Season 5 is scheduled to return on AMC this October.

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