Friday, March 13, 2015

DC Comics debuts new costumes for Superman and Wonder Woman

Post-Covergence, it looks like the Man of Steel and Amazon Princess are getting new makeovers along with The Dark Knight... And they look all too familiar and somewhat like rehashes of former ideas.

Coming off their two-month hiatus event, DC Comics is planning to give two of their Big Guns, Superman and Wonder Woman, makeovers that will make them virtually different than they're usually depicted as. Comic Book Resources reported the news, coming from stories in The Nerdist, Uproxx, and Hitflix.

Superman will be sporting a look that harkens back to his DC New 52 debut with a T-Shirt and Jeans, but minus the cape and with a new logo that is a throwback to his original appearance. It's a look that will debut in the pages of Action Comics #41. Very Superboy Pre-New 52 in appearance minus the color scheme differences, and yes the haircut makes it obvious as well. The bloody hands? We'll just have to wait and see how that goes.

Wonder Woman on the other hand will be wearing a new armor piece with daggers on her forearms come Wonder Woman #41. It's a new look that makes it appear that the kids gloves are off for Diana, and she's taking her fight against evil to the next level.

Both members of DC's "Power Couple" will also team up together with their new looks in Superman/ Wonder Woman #18, so one has to wonder how this dynamic will work.

And The Man Of Steel will also have words with "Chappie/ Appleseed" Batman come "Batman/ Superman #21", so how will the "World's Finest" interact with each other? And is that still Bruce Wayne in the Batsuit or someone else?

Find out in June when DC Comics brings these new changes.

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