Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tekken 7: Jin Kazama and Devil Jin return; Josie Rizal revealed

Officially announcing the return of two characters (technically one person w/ two sides) and the unveiling of a new fighter hailing from the Philippines, Tekken series director and producer Katsuhiro Harada and Bandai Namco Games have revealed that Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, and newbie Josie Rizal have been added to the roster for Tekken 7!

The return of Jin is no surprise, given his roles in the past entries. As a secret boss in Tekken 7, one has to wonder how the offspring of Kazuya and Jun will play into this "final entry" of the Mishima Bloodline saga. Here's his reveal trailer.

And then there's Devil Jin... The other side of the coin and the evil side of Jin controlled by the Devil Gene within him. Much like past appearances, he'll unleash his dark half when he cannot control himself... And it's a separate character to boot. Here's his reveal trailer.

And then there's the new girl in the block... The NEW Filipina character introduced to the Tekken universe proper... Josie Rizal! Named after The Philippines' national hero himself Dr. Jose Rizal, this gal wears a costume design patterned after the country's national flag, and is a master of Eskrima and Kickboxing! Here's her reveal trailer.

Tekken 7 is currently playing in arcades. Expect these characters to appear soon!

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