Saturday, March 14, 2015

The CW DCverse: Flash, Arrow, and Reverse-Flash character posters promote the return of "Arrow" & "The Flash"

After a few weeks hiatus and eagerly setting expectation for the final tally of episodes set to air and wrap up the seasons, The CW has released some striking character posters for their superhero TV shows based on characters from the DC Comics Universe... Namely for Arrow and The Flash!

The Scarlet Speedster's show, which returns with it's 15th episode called "Out of Time" on March 17. A character poster of Flash appeared a few days back with Grant Gustin standing tall and ready for heroics, but now comes the second one that shows his dark counterpart.

Enter Harrison Wells... Aka The Reverse-Flash! A new character poster of Tom Cavanagh's character suited up has appeared in the official Facebook page of the show, and we see the man in the yellow suit clear and revealed this time around.

Meanwhile, Stephen Amell is ready as ever with bow in hand for his return as the Emerald Archer of Starling City with a new poster of Oliver Queen fully suited up as "Arrow" from the official FB page of the show as well. The 16th Episode of the show, entitled "The Offer", shows up on The CW on March 18.

UPDATE: Adding the already revealed poster of Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/ The Atom BECAUSE.XD

The Flash airs every Tuesday and Arrow on Wednesdays on The CW!

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