Friday, March 6, 2015

Green Lantern John Stewart fan-film "Power" teaser looks LEGIT

If there's anything that hasn't been revealed thus far with all the DC Cinematic Universe hitting the interwebz, it's "who exactly" will be the next Green Lantern that will appear in the new film that'll arrive in 2020. Many are hoping it's one of the other Green Lanterns besides Hal Jordan, and fingers are being crossed that it will be the African-American Emerald Warrior seen in the DC Animated Universe's Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows -John Stewart.

John Stewart Green Lantern Teaser Trailer

Well, P3Series is apparently hard at work at a Fan Film that features Johnny Boy himself... In a fan film called "POWER" and a story that has John as Public Enemy No. 1 and forces led by President Lex Luthor after him. Comic also featured this one, and it looks pretty LEGIT.

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