Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Logan: Legacy featurette and B-Roll Footage now online

The figures are in, the critics and fans are loving it, and Hugh Jackman and co. are proud to have delivered what is certainly the best Wolverine film out there if not one of the best films ever made that goes beyond the superhero genre. Logan is a masterpiece and beautiful love letter to those that have loved the character and the X-Men Movies, and if you haven't seen it yet you should take time and go out to check what will be Jackman's last performance as the character on the big screen.

Just in time to further promote the film during its run, a new promo clip featurette called "Legacy" has been released - showing how Hugh Jackman's time as Logan has spanned through 17 years and has led up to this final chapter in his epic saga as Wolverine.

LOGAN Promo Clip - Legacy

Also released is this line of B-Roll footage, including Jackman doing some audio recording for the movie post-production.

LOGAN Voice B-Roll Footage

Logan is now playing in theaters.

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