Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wolverine returns? Marvel teases possible "ResurreXion" of a clawed mutant

With Old Man Logan and Laura Kinney/ All-New Wolverine running around the "All-New, All Different" Marvel Universe as the resident clawed mutants, the ORIGINAL Wolverine still remains in the afterlife.. But is he set for a return in "ResurreXion" pretty soon? That's what this pixelated image for the cover of "X-Men: Blue" is teasing - and the question is whether it's the ol' canucklehead or perhaps another clawed character? It could be his son Daken... Or another alternate reality version just pulling our leg. Either way, this comes from fan speculation that's also being tackled on by Comic following the reveal of Marvel's June 2017 solicitations (which you can see via Newsarama). We can only wait and see how this plays out when Marvel reveals more information soon.

X-Men: Blue begins this April and issue #5 hits on June.

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