Saturday, March 4, 2017

Logan: New promo clips and BUILD Series Discussion videos online

The results are in - Logan is a certified hit and FRESH on Rotten Tomatoes, and Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and director James Mangold can rest easy knowing that they have helped give fans The Wolverine Movie they deserve and a whole lot more... Going beyond what a "superhero movie" is and just generally telling a beautiful story of life and family that has Logan right in the middle.

That being said, this film recognizes that father time has caught up with Wolverine, and one promo clip released that shows Logan aging from the years since we first met him in the X-Men Movies.

LOGAN Promo Clip - Old Man
Then comes a promo spotlighting many of the critics and reviewers remarks about this film.

LOGAN TV Spot #24 - Time

And check out Build Series' latest episode chatting with stars Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart on Logan.
Hugh Jackman And Patrick Stewart Discuss Their Film, "Logan"

Logan is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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