Thursday, May 11, 2017

DC Rebirth: Newsarama examines possible suspects for the "Rebirth" changes

It's been nearly a year since DC Comics successfully reintegrated a sense of history and legacy with with "DC Rebirth" - injecting back most of the things that made the DC Universe so legendary and aiming to bring back old school fans into the fold while retaining that new outlook they started in 2011 with "The New 52" reboot. In other words, it was a compromise of old and new that meshed well... And following the return of the original Wally West who served as the "lightning rod" to that one shot "DC Universe Rebirth #1" adventure - a mystery has remained that has readers still asking the question - who watches the DCU and who changed things to "The New 52" following the events of Flashpoint?

Newsarama has a great article up guessing those theories as to who is pulling the strings, from the likely "Watchmen" characters such as Doctor Manhattan to even characters that writer Geoff Johns has changed through the years and made relevant for sinister purposes like Superboy-Prime. All of it makes sense, and is great TBT style reading for fans looking to piece together the clues before we get definite answers down the line in the DCU.

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