Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kung Fury celebrates two years; Kung Fury: Street Rage FREE on App Store

It's been TWO YEARS already since Laser Unicorns and director/ actor David Sandberg delivered one of the most EPIC tributes to the 80's and action movies in general in "Kung Fury" - a "True Survivor" of a love letter that has a future cop battling all kinds of threats to do his job - but ultimately facing the greatest enemy known in history when he travels back in time.

If you haven't seen it yet, I implore you all to do so! Just EPIC.

KUNG FURY Official Movie

Also to celebrate the second anniversary of the film, Laser Unicorns has made "Kung Fury: Street Rage" free on the App Store! Check out the Facebook post below!

Kung Fury will return soon with "Kung Fury 2" - now in production by Laser Unicorns!

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