Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Secret Empire: "United We Stand" trailer released by Marvel

Beginning with quite the bang in terms of what transpires in the 1st issue and the Free Comic Book Day issue that were released last week, Marvel Entertainment and writer Nick Spencer are on the march along with a group of talented artists to tell the tale of "Secret Empire" - where a very different Steve Rogers/ Captain America rises as the new Supreme Leader of Hydra and reveals himself to the world while launching a campaign to takeover everything under the organization's rule. Now the heroes have to stand together and find a way to fight back against the one they trusted the most... And nothing will ever be the same once all is said and done.

Secret Empire UNITED WE STAND Trailer

To coincide with the launch of the storyline, Marvel has released a new "United We Stand" trailer where Nick Spencer lays out what exactly will go down in this storyline as it finally unravels itself.

Secret Empire and its tie-in issues are available at your local comic book shops and retailers.

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