Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Marvel to have a "Fresh Start" and Line-Wide overhaul this 2018

It's happening again true believers - Marvel is initiating yet another line-wide change in their comic book line that brand new Editor in Chief C.B Cebulski promises as a "new direction" and "fresh start" for the House of Ideas that brings in new creative teams, new series, and more this 2018.

Through a report by Comic Book Resources, the "Fresh Start" Cebulski promotes in a new video released by Marvel brings about the return of familiar faces like the original Wolverine and male Thor to prominence, as well as the rebranding and restructuring of main books like the Avengers, which again goes back to #1 following the "No Surrender" arc.

However, Tom Brevoort also clarified that the Legacy numbering will not be eliminated, instead giving the restarted lines "dual numbering" instead.

Read more on the "Fresh Start" Marvel is taking via an analysis in CBR.

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