Saturday, February 5, 2011

Captain America Update: The First Official Poster Revealed!

Movie news sites Yahoo! Movies and Screen Rant have revealed the first official poster to one of this summer blockbuster superhero movie - Captain America: The First Avenger! Check out Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, standing with full Cap gear (minus the mask) and bowing his head down, holding the iconic circular shield down amidst the ashes of a battlefield in World War II!

Like what you see? The poster pays homage to a certain issue of Captain America drawn by artist Steve Epting, in which Cap is in the exact same pose, but with the mask on! I happen to own a copy of said issue myself, and here's an image of it below for comparison's sake!

Looking awesome, noh? The poster comes just in time as anticipation builds for the long awaited first trailer of this upcoming Marvel patriotic flick, which is set to debut this Sunday during the Super Bowl! It's definitely going to be a big game everyone's gonna watch, and a lot of trailers are gonna be shown during halftime! We'll just have to wait and see when they pop up online! For more info, visit the source post at Screen Rant and Yahoo! Movies!

Captain America: The First Avengers throws his mighty shield to theaters on July 22, 2011!

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