Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WWE's heating up on the road to Wrestlemania 27!

There's a lot of things happening in the WWE Universe, and thanks to this past Sunday's Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, we now know who's going to be facing the Miz on Wrestlemania 27... and that would be none other than the Doctor of Thuganomics himself, John Cena. I'll admit, Cena's hasn't been the most likable wrestler for some years now since he became a face and stopped the rapping, but he finally brought back the latter part of his repertoire by responding to The Rock's disparaging remarks when The Great One made his come back at the previous week's Valentine's Day edition of Monday Night Raw to announce his comeback as the special announcer for WM27. Here's the lowdown in case you missed it:

The Rock's comeback at RAW 2/14/11!

and now... John Cena's response to The Rock this past Monday Night Raw!

Intense? Either way, I'm interested in seeing these two duke it out or resolve the dispute in some form or way come WM27! And speaking of the grandest stage of them all in sports entertainment, two iconic veterans in the industry came back last night and teased a match I'm hoping and looking very much forward to! SPOILER WARNING HERE for those who don't want to see!

Wrestlemania 27 delivers sports entertainment greatness this April 3! Watch out for it!

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