Friday, February 25, 2011

Check Out The First X-men Anime Trailer!

Marvel has unveiled the next part of their four part Marvel Anime series initiative that's coming to Japan! After giving Iron Man and Wolverine the Anime treatment, their taking it a step further by bringing together a collection of heroes... and it's none other than those band of merry mutant heroes, the Uncanny X-men! That's right, there's an X-men Anime series on the way, and that means aside from Wolverine returning, you get the rest of his teammates, including Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and their leader Professor X! The team reunites after the death of a teammate, and battle the U-men, who seek to harvest mutant organs for their own evil intentions! Check out the first teaser trailer to this new Japanese series below!

X-Men Japanese Teaser Trailer

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