Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Humor: Black Widow Goes Wild!XD

Slash Film has a post up featuring this hilarious stop motion animated short video by French-Canadian animator Patrick Boivin, featuring a Hot Toys action figure of the Iron Man 2 version of Marvel's femme fatale superhero Black Widow, as portrayed by the sexy and lovely Scarlett Johansson! To see this video is just to believe, and it pits the Widow against some fierce competition also from the Hot Toys line, like fellow Iron Man 2 star and main villain Whiplash, the T-1000, Rocky Balboa, and heck even Batman! Johansson's likeness even gets to be goddamn War Machine in this one, so this is DEFINITELY worth checking out, just because it's titled "Black Widow Goes Wild"! LOL!XD

Black Widow Goes Wild!

For more on links on Patrick Boivin's work as well as info, visit the source post at Slash Film!

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