Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Confined does awesome Silent Hill goodness!

After navigating through my usual web searches, I found this awesome little Silent Hill tribute made by fans of the dreaded survival horror franchise created by Konami! Called "The Confined". With the terrifying creatures created by Nathan A. Quattrini and featured in Kotaku, the three minute clip is something truly worth beholding for fans of the cursed and haunted town that's plagued 7 games and a live action film so far, with an 8th installment and second flick already in the works to scare more people out of their wits with their own worst fears manifesting themselves into dark caricatures that'll eat them alive! Check this 3 minute clip of this wonderful fan film below, directed by Leo Kei Angelos (who also did a fan film for Dragon Age), with the full thing slated for a release this fall!

For more info, visit the source posts over at Kotaku and GoNintendo!

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